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Respect for the environment 

The Maritime Club of Sa Tuna, a non-profit organization, was born in 1999 from the initiative of a group of friends from the cove. Its purpose was the self-management by the members of the moorings and beaching of boats in the area of Sa Tuna to have the guarantee of transparency in the management and management, while respecting the environmental and landscape conditions of the cove. 
One of the main objectives of the Club is to protect and take care of the environment of the protected area (Xarxa Natura 2000 Litoral del Baix Empordà -ES5120015-) over which we have full responsibility. 


Our values

-Experience in the management of buoys and breakdowns since 1999.

-Open to everyone 

-Vocation vocation 


-Collaborators with the institutions, associations and buoy fields of the municipality of Begur, as well as with entities for the protection and conservation of the marine environment.

-Conservatives of the traditions of the cove (Procession Verge del Carme and Festa Major)

-Creative in the search for new ways to constantly maintain and improve the service.

-Responsible for the environment.

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