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Welcome to CM Sa Tuna

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Sa Tuna by Josep Pla 

Josep Pla

A Maritime Club in a natural space  unique

" Then, at Punta d'es Plom, you enter the bay of Sa Tuna, climbing the bow to the south, in other words, sailing towards the north slope - saturated with pines, very high -  from Cape Begur. The bay is very safe, sailing, and with all the south winds it offers an excellent refuge. Draw a never-ending snail curve that will die in the houses in the east corner of the beach.

(...) Following the profile of the bay, we first find S'Eixugador, which is the corner of Garbí de Sa Tuna. And then the Cave of St. Paul. Then begins the beach itself, which is pebble and sand, lead-colored and very clean. The hamlet begins with the beach, under the pines that descend from the mountain. The beach is good, deep, and you can always easily save a boat. "


Pla, Josep (1976). Costa Brava. In Three Guides (OC XXX, p. 187). Barcelona: Ed. Destiny.

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